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Melissa is an Art Teacher with over 25yrs experience. She has taught at every level from K-12, beginning her teaching career at Norton High School and is the current Art Teacher at the MECC in Middleborough. Melissa gained her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from MassArt. She went on to attain her Master's in Art Education from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth under the guidance of Prof. Dante Vena

Melissa is an extremely talented and passionate artist. Her goal in the Classroom is to generate a Passion for Art in her students. She provides a platform that creates a fun environment for the students.


The first session offered is a 5 week session. The remaining sessions are 6 weeks packages. The classes will be tailored to the student with customized curriculum. Techniques learned in the session will be relevant to subject and will be used to build the students knowledge in all of the same areas that public school taught children are.


Day of Class: Wednesday

Class Time 10:45AM-11:45

Class Cost: $22.50

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